Shades of Saaho Chapter 2 : Glimpse of Guns and Goons

The second chapter of Shades of Saaho is out this Sunday on the eve of Shraddha Kapoor’s birthday and it gives a glimpse of the guns and goons in the high octane action thriller which features Prabhas as the lead protagonist.

The one minute making video showcases visuals from an indoor schedule, unlike the first one which has glimpses from outdoor Dubai schedule. The high end weaponry used in the action sequences and the badass villains in the film are seen in this video amidst a lot of sophisticated technical equipment and working crew. Towards the end of the video, an intense looking Shraddha Kapoor is seen aiming her rifle and Prabhas bashes up goons with a boom. The background score provided by Ghibran is thumping and cinematography by Madhie is definitely going to be top notch.

Director Sujeeth is making this actioner on par with Hollywood standards and the scintillating making videos have set up high expectations on the film. UV Creations is bankrolling this magnum opus on a grand scale with a staggering 300 Crore budget. The film is slated for release on August 15th.

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